The four islands of San Benedicto Island, Socorro Island, Roca Partida and Clarion are otherwise known just as Socorro. The Archipelago of Revillagigedo is a remote and untouched destination that is sometimes called Mexico’s "little Galapagos" because of it’s many endemic plant and animal species and unforgettable diving experiences. The Revillagigedos Islands are also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The diving in Socorro is characterised mostly by encounters with large pelagic species of sharks, rays, and even Humpback whales. Huge schools of hammerheads, white tips, silver tips, and silkies can be seen at dive sites in certain times of the year. Massive oceanic Mantas greet divers in such a friendly manner that they will circle around the group during safety stops out in the blue, or play just above diver’s heads, enjoying the bubbles on their underside. Humpback whales breeding and birthing in these waters during the Winter months of January to March, before they head back to the north Arctic for summer months. Very often mothers and calf pairs are seen resting near the surface. Whale sharks are seen at the islands, and they most common during early December or early May.

All liveaboards operating here to Socorro Islands depart and return to Los Cabos San Lucas on the very southern tip of the Mexican Baja Peninsula. From here the islands are an approximately 26-28 hour sail from port across the open sea, so it is recommended to prepare yourself if you suffer from motion sickness. But trips only run from November to May, this is the best time for making the long crossing, as sea and weather conditions tend to be more calm. From November to December and April to May water temperatures average 26 C, and between these months during the cooler season, water temps get down to 22 C. But as there are currents and cold water up-welling along the dive sites, temps can drop below these temps in layered thermoclines.

Recommended Diving Liveaboards

Nautilus Belle Amie

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Solmar V

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luxury live-aboard dive vessel departing from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico—well within range of the most exciting diving in the Sea of Cortez and Soccoro Islands. During the weeks of our great white (...)

Other Choices


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M/V Valentina offers comfortably diving liveaboard trips to SEA OF CORTEZ from the beautiful BAY OF LA PAZ, and to Socorro Islands from Puerto Los Cabos in Winter season. Liveaboard M/V Valentina (...)

Southern Sport

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Southern Sport is operated by a professional Mexico local liveaboard operator with years of experience in diving, it offers dive liveaboard trips to Socorro Islands and Guadalupe Island according (...)

Sea Escape

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Sea Escape is a diving liveaboard managed by a diver family knowing very well what you are looking for. They run trips in Sea of Cortez to dive with Sea Lions and schooling of Mobulas. Liveaboard (...)

Rocio Del Mar

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With clear, deep blue waters, abundant sea life, white sand beaches and inspiring vistas, the Sea of Cortez - known as the Gulf of California - is a breathtaking destination for amazing scuba (...)