The Mergui Archipelago and the Burma Banks are a collection of more than 800 individual islands located in the Andaman Sea, belonging to Myanmar. Most of the islands and surrounding areas are completely uninhabited and remote. The nearest port of call for liveaboards operating to these islands is from Ranong, a small city situated just at the very southern tip of Myanmar boarding Thailand. All guests must reach Ranong by crossing the border from Thailand only, as it’s not from directly within Myanmar.

The extra travel is well worth it though, as the archipelago is teeming with beautiful reefs full of marine life and plenty of yet unexplored white sand beaches. The area is virtually isolated from most of mankind’s influence on the natural environment which has given the islands and the surrounding waters of the Andaman Sea a great diversity of flora and fauna. Divers see everything from whale sharks and rays to reef sharks and many smaller animals like colourful nudibranches and unique species of shrimps and crabs.

Owing to the archipelago’s remoteness, liveaboard cruises are the only way for visitors to go diving in area. There is a plethora of reef and dive site types to see; some islands have huge boulders covered with soft corals and sea fans, while others offer wall diving, caverns, tunnels and big drop-offs. Dive sites such as Shark Cave feature grey reef, nurse shark and marbled sting rays. Black Rock has manta rays and schools of mobula (devil) rays. Photographers are attracted by frogfish, ghost pipefish, ribbon eels and cowries as well as many crustaceans such as lobsters, crabs, and shrimps. The best diving conditions are similar to neighbouring Thailand, from December to April, with whale sharks and manta rays typically visiting more regularly from February to May. Some liveaboard trips focus purely on Burma but many boats also include the best Thailand dive sites of Richelieu Rock and Koh Bon in their itineraries.


Recommended Diving Liveaboards

Deep Andaman Queen

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Deep Andaman Queen is a good value dive liveaboard that offers dive liveaboard trips in the Similan Islands - 5D/4N and Burma Banks - 8D/7N, it can host up to 21 guests per trip. Liveaboard Deep (...)

The Junk

From 119 USD/Day
The Junk is currently running by a professional dive team under the Siren Fleet, it offers a regular 7D/6N and 5D/4N trip in the Similan Islands during the diving season, it can host up to 18 (...)

Thailand Aggressor

From 308 USD/Day
Thailand Aggressor is a professional dive yacht running by Aggressor Fleet, it offers a weekly hassle-free diving liveaboard trip in Similan Islands and Myanmar Mergui Archipelago, it can max. (...)

Other Choices

Mutiara Laut

From 663 USD/Day
Mutiara Laut is one of the most luxurious Schooners in Indonesia, it mainly offers luxury charter trips all around Indonesia, it can accommodates up to 14 guests. Liveaboard Mutiara Laut is a (...)


From 130 USD/Day
If you have the time, a liveaboard is the best way to see the Similans. 4 dives per day, frequent stops at deserted beaches, and more time to relax onboard the luxurious MV Pawara, where every (...)


From 242 USD/Day
MV Hallejulah is one of the biggest Dive Liveaboard operating now in Thailand. His management is a well experienced Khaolak dive center and the standing offers to their guest tend to be first (...)

Andaman Tritan

From 171 USD/Day
Andaman Tritan is a professional dive yacht with reasonably price, it offer liveaboard trips in the Similan Islands, Tioman, Anambas for 2 to 5 days, it can host up to 16 guests. Liveaboard (...)

DiveRACE Class-E

From 218 USD/Day
DiveRACE Class E is one of the high-standard liveaboards in Southeast Asia, it offer liveaboard trips in the Similan Islands, Mergui Archipelago, Anambas Islands, it can host up to 20 or 28 (...)

Diva Andaman

From 270 USD/Day
Diva Andaman is a luxury, exclusive dive & cruise liveaboard, it offers weekly liveaboard trips to the Similan Islands, Southern Andaman Sea, and mergui archipelago. It can accommodate up to 14 (...)

Dolphin Queen

From 141 USD/Day
Dolphin Queen is a budget liveaboard which offers amazing price for money savers, it offer a regular 4D/4N dive trip in the Similan Islands, can host up to 22 guests. Liveaboard Dolphin Queen has (...)


From 156 USD/Day
Your cruise to the Similan Islands with Giamani be summed up by a friendly team. Giamani is an awesome dive liveaboard that offers dive liveaboard trips in the Similan Islands, Burma Banks, as (...)