Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the warmest in the world which offering the ideal diving conditions all year round. And it has been widely regarded as one of the world’s most fascinating diving destinations with hundreds of unique diving sites, clear water, a rich diversity of marine life, corals and all sorts of diverse underwater treasures for enthusiastic divers to explore.

Beautiful Seychelles and Maldives combine unique breathtaking scenery both above and below the water. Large numbers of idyllic dive sites boast a wealth of undersea treasures such as unique granite boulder, expansive coral reefs, dramatic walls, caverns, wrecks, canyons and diverse marine life with crystalline water attract both experienced divers and novices to explore the amazing underwater world of the Indian Ocean and there is a wide range of options for divers of all levels to enjoy. Each archipelago offers something unique, but equally breathtaking.


South Maldives

As these atolls and islands are just at the southern edge of the country, they are more exposed to the migration routes and deep water habitat of big fish. The best season for visiting the (...)

Central Maldives

The Central Maldives is by far the most popular route for liveaboards, as it offers great diving, easy accessibility from Male, and can be dived year round in all weather conditions. Most of the (...)

North Maldives

The diving in the south is done on mainly reef slopes and steep coral covered pinnacles (called ’thilas’), along with some quality wreck dives. There is less drift and channel diving in the south (...)


The Seychelles is a 155-island archipelago country located in the Indian Ocean off the north east coast of Madagascar. It is vast and sparsely populated, stretching nearly 1,000 km from east to (...)

Recommended Diving Liveaboards


From 196 USD/Day
Adora is a brand new diving Safari boat which start operating since October 2014, it offers 7 nights and up to 2 weeks liveaboard trip in the Central and Southern Maldives. It can accommodates 20 (...)

Carpe Novo Explorer

From 174 USD/Day
Carpe Novo Explorer is a professional dive yacht running by Explorer Ventures Fleet, it offers different dive routes in the Maldives according to the season, it can sleeps max. up to 22 guests. (...)

Emperor Orion

From 229 USD/Day
Orion is another Luxury boat part of the Emperor Fleet that host 24 pax onboard in 12 cabins. All services and amenities onboard have been made to give you confort and make your Maldives Trip a (...)

Emperor Serenity

From 236 USD/Day
Emperor Serenity is a brand new high quality liveaboard that offering different dive liveaboard routes in the Maldives, and it also provide free nitrox fro divers, it can accommodates up to 26 (...)

Honors Legacy

From 245 USD/Day
Honors Legacy is one of the most elegantly built luxury motor yachts in the Maldives and is custom made for the passionate water sports enthusiasts. It‘s designed to meet and exceed the high (...)

Maldives Blue Force One

From 211 USD/Day
Leo Force is one of the most luxurious liveaboards in Maldives, it offering different routes in the central and South of Maldives from 7 nights to 2 weeks, It can accommodates 20 guests. (...)

Horizon 3

From 225 USD/Day
Ocean Oasis called also Horizon 3 is a middle budget yacht offering multiple live-abord routes in the beautiful Maldives, it welcome divers, non-divers, as well as surfers onboard. Liveaboard (...)

Emperor Virgo

From 174 USD/Day
Virgo is an exclusive liveaboard running by the Emperor Fleet, it offers different routes in the Maldives and can host up to 18 guests per trip. Liveaboard Virgo is the latest addition to the (...)

Carpe Diem

From 208 USD/Day
MV Carpe Diem is a beautiful & comfortable yacht with reasonable price that offering multiple live-abord routes in the beautiful Maldives. Liveaboard MV Carpe Diem is a 35 m long motor safari (...)


From 191 USD/Day
Seychelles, one of the world’s very last frontiers, promises adventure and breathtaking natural beauty in pristine surrounds still untouched by man. Galatea is the divers choice for a diving (...)

Sea Star

From 202 USD/Day
Modern custom-built yachts, the Sea Star and the Sea Bird offer 9 en-suite cabins for a capacity of up to 18 passengers (max capacity of 22 if triple berth cabins filled). The Sea Star and Sea (...)

Sea Shell

From 149 USD/Day
Sea Shell & the Sea Pearl are both 36 meters schooners. From triple single bunk cabins for a trio of friends, to double-bed cabins with an extra bunk for a small family, various configurations (...)