Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands lying to the east of the Papua New Guinea, and situated north of Vanuatu, it is in a remote part of the world. It is one of the world-class diving destinations, also the third-largest archipelago in the South Pacific. It consisting of a large number of islands in the Oceania, the country covering a land area of 28,400 square killometers, with a total 922 islands, of which only less than one fifth is inhabited, this archipelago provides endless travel opportunities including the fabulous snorkeling, freediving, scuba diving, spearfishing...

Recommended Diving Liveaboards


From 413 USD/Day
Bilikiki is the first professional liveaboard dive vessel in the Solomon Islands. It offers a regular 7/10/14 nights liveaboard diving trips around the Solomon Islands, it can take a maximum of (...)


From 391 USD/Day
Discover the pristine Papua New Guinea with MV Febrina, a comfortable and safe 73 feet length liveaboard boat, which was thought for serious divers and photographers who want a total PNG dive (...)

Fiji Aggressor

From 299 USD/Day
Scuba Diving Liviaboard in Fiji Island, top best destinations in the world. Bula! Known as the soft coral capital, Fiji dazzles everyone with its bright corals and huge sea fans surrounded by (...)

Other Choices

Spoilsport Mike Ball

From 310 USD/Day
Spoilsport is Australia’s most awarded liveaboard dive boat, it offers liveaboard trips from 3 to 7 nights in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. It can accommodates 28 guests on board. The (...)

Spirit of Freedom

From 306 USD/Day
Spirit of Freedom was custom built for the Coral Sea region. It offers liveaboard trips from 3 to 7 nights in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. It can accommodates 26 guests on board. (...)

French Polynesia Master

From 490 USD/Day
French Polynesia Master is a professional dive yacht running by Master Liveaboard Fleet, it offers a regular 7 nights and 10 nights dive liveaboard trip in French Polynesia, it can max. host 25 (...)

Aqua Tiki 2

From 434 USD/Day
With a perfect knowledge for more than 15 years in French Polynesia, the crew of the Aqua Tiki II will welcome you on board for an amazing and unforgettable diving liveaboard. The catamaran Aqua (...)