Dive And Cruise Team


- General Manager and Owner of Dive And Cruise Agency
- In charge of : Sales & Reservation for Dive And Cruise in French - Worldwide Coordination
- Spoken Languages : English, French, Italian
- Dive Cursus : Diver since 1998
- PADI IDC Staff Instructor #953356
- CMAS 2 Instructor #SUI/F01/I2/08/80
- TDI Extended Range Instructor #12871
- DSAT TEC Deep & Gas Blender Instructor

After 10 years working in the dive industry as a Dive Boat Tour Leader, Recreational and Technical Instructor between Europe, Egypt and South Est Asia, with more than 500 dive courses taught in PADI, TDI, CMAS, he decided to share his experience to the dive community. Be able to advice just to be fare with divers is what he likes and if he don’t get what you we’re looking for, then he will ask some friends to advice you a nice and friendly dive center where you could go, just to be sure you’ll enjoy your dives with a good team. Any complain or special request are welcomed to progress and be better, it’s the way he thinks. New or Confirmed divers have their places with us.


- Position : Regional Manager / Pacific Ocean Project 

- In Charge of : Customer Service & Marketing Manager of Dive And Cruise CHINA
- Spoken Languages : English, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese)

- Dive Cursus : Diver since 2009
- PADI #287907

Born in Chongqing, China. Since she was little her family took her traveling around quite often, and when she first time met the sea at the age of 6, she knew she was in loved with the ocean. After school, she decided to spend some months travel around, but end up never return. In 2009, she started to discover diving and become a professional dive guide. Ever since, during her traveling, she always get involved with diving activities, also worked as a dive guide in Thailand, India, Malaysia, and Australia. She loves to help divers to get the most enjoyable diving vacation and always happy to give advise to divers.


- Position : Director and Owner of Luna Diving Ltd Part ( Thailand )
- In Charge of : Dive Packages in Thailand, Sales & Reservation for Dive And Cruise ITALY
- Spoken Languages : English, French, Italian
- Dive Cursus : Diver since 2000
- PADI OWSI #946093

Giorgio was born in Sardinia, Italy, and it was here that he discovered in childhood, his passion for the sea. In 2001 he became a diving instructor, beginning his career in Sardinia. His love for diving pushed him to travel in the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Maldives and Asia where he falls in love for Thailand, the land of smiles. Here he decided to stay ... with his wonderful family, a beautiful wife and an adorable 2 year old daughter.
PADI Instructor N.946093 it has since 2001 taught more than 600 divers, about 4,000 dives and for those wishing to dive from Phuket, he will accompany you with a smile and his daily jokes. Recent years he has devoted himself not only diving but also to the organization of wonderful diving cruise in the most beautiful seas in the world !


- Position : Regional Manager / Egypt & Indian Ocean Project
- In Charge of : Customer Service & Marketing Manager of Dive And Cruise RUSSIA
- Spoken Languages : Russian, Latvian, English, German, Indonesian
- Dive Cursus : Diver since 2004
- PADI #283296

Born in Riga, Latvia, Ksenia received her Masters degree in IT and spent several years working as a software programmer. Yet, having an endless passion for new countries, cultures and a nomadic lifestyle, she couldn’t stay in the same place for too long, and one day decided to leave her IT career behind and started traveling around Southeast Asia in 2004. After spending a couple of months in Indonesia, she opened herself up to diving and decided to make it a profession, instead of just a hobby. Getting her profesionnal certification and working as a dive guide on liveaboards in Raja Ampat, she was able to combine the fun of both worlds — learning something new on an everyday basis and sharing these experiences with others. Muck diving is her favorite, and she has a true passion for finding the small and unusual critters. Trying to unite her love for diving and desire to continue traveling, she joined Dive And Cruise as Russian Manager, spreading the word and giving useful advice about the amazing underwater worlds she has experienced herself.


- Position : Customer Service
- In Charge of : French Group and Individuals trip adviser
- Spoken Languages : English, French
- Dive Cursus : Diver since 2008
- OWSI PADI : #274503

For 10 years, Thibaut lived from his passion for travelling and diving, he started being based in French Guyana for a year then slowly moved around South East Asia to discover the beauty of the underwater world, he will start his diving career in Malaysia in 2008 with the Padi IDC course and will travelled to work as a dive instructor for 9 years passing by Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Greece just before heading back to south-west of France where he settled with his new family. He will be following your booking request and organize your trip until your first step in the ocean, highly customer services oriented he will be happy to advise you as a diver for your own satisfaction.


- Position : Regional Manager / South Africa & Australian Project
- In Charge of : Customer Service & Marketing Manager of Dive And Cruise AMERICA / AUSTRALIA
- Spoken Languages : English, Indonesian
- Dive Cursus : Diver since 2004
- PADI #492500

Born in Michigan, USA, Nick spent his childhood enjoying the lakes and rivers that surrounded his home there, so it’s no wonder he ended up falling in love with scuba diving. After receiving a degree in Environmental Science and working in the States on various projects, he set out in 2004 to Asia and ended up living and working in Indonesia as Cruise Director and Dive Guide on several liveaboards. Spending most of his time in the challenging but amazing waters of Komodo National Park, he has also dived and sailed across the Banda Sea to Raja Ampat several times. He loves finding cryptic animals like pygmy seahorses, rare nudibranches and different species of frogfish, or gazing at graceful manta rays and large pelagics as they pass by in the blue. Between working on liveaboards in the diving industry Nick has spent his time on land exploring the many countries and cultures of lovely Southeast Asia.


- Position : Responsible for Dive Center and Dive School ( Min.12 people )
- In Charge of : Preparing Dive Tour with full organization for Groups
- Spoken Languages : English, French, Spanish, German
- Dive Cursus : Diver since 1990
- FFESSM Niv.4

Sebastian is the best "fish" of all of us, born in Dakar in Senegal, where he lives until the age of 10, made his first apnea when 6-7 years and try the regulator when was 8 years. He is an accomplished sportsman, loving all sports but his passion, the sea, made him travel for 8 years in the most beautiful places in the world, including training and guiding recreational divers, he knows his field and will do its best to organize Dive Center and Group for their Annual Dive Trip far away. Now became a daddy of two beautiful little twins (Lola and Manola) lives in southern France, near Cavalaire and always a view on the sea.


- Position : Back-office Secretary and Administration
- In Charge of : Office Tasks and Destinations Adviser
- Spoken Languages : English, French, Spanish
- Dive Cursus : Diver since 2000
- PADI Divemaster

Marine life Lover and fervent defender of Human Rights and Nature, Jessica is involved in cases that require the support of all to protect our beautiful planet. During 5 years, doing bubbles as a dive guide, between Cozumel, Roatan, Utila and Thailand, Jessica is now the mother of two princesses cited above.